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Registration Is Open!

After spending a couple of hours hacking together an anti-spam plugin, I have now opened up registration at rpg-campaign.net! This is an experiment, and we may find ourselves overrun by spammers. But I'm going to give it a chance and see how well this works out.

Among other things, it means that your players can register directly on your game wiki, and they will be part of your game directly, with the ability to post content in the public areas and upload their own characters. If this becomes a problem a) let me know and b) I will change the default permissions schema to prevent abuses.

2015/07/25 20:05 · clay

Per-Campaign User Groups

My current project is to build an authentication backend that allows a user to belong to a different set of groups depending upon which game wiki they're using. This means that if you're part of a “players” group on http://clay.rpg-campaign.net, you're not also part of a “players” group on http://demo.rpg-campaign.net. Last night I achieved a working demo of that feature, and my hope is to roll that into the individual game wikis in a couple of weeks.

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2015/06/18 10:36 · clay

The Move

RPG-Campaign.com has finally been replaced! The old software was hard to maintain and dragged the server down. Over the holidays it locked the server up tight. So what had been a prototype is now live. Read on to see how to get one of the new and improved sites.

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2015/01/06 01:16 · clay

What Makes RPG-Campaign.net Unique

I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to think about what makes RPG-Campaign.net unique. After all, there are lots of other RPG planning sites out there, and for the most part they are excellent. Sure, the software is crisp and responsive. The content is easy to edit. Templates for different sections are amazing. But in over a year of using the beta software, the thing that has set it apart for me is the support it has for planning individual adventures. Later this week I should be posting a demo video to show you just how easy it is to plan out your games, as well as use the site as a reference at the game table.

2014/10/05 23:54 · clay

Facebook and Google Logins

This site hit a major milestone tonight, with the ability to log in via Facebook and Google. This is a huge boost for both convenience and security.

If you're like me, you hate having to remember dozens of user names and passwords. They either wind up on sticky notes in your desk drawer, or if you're an alpha-geek, in a password management application on your phone. Allowing you to use an existing login makes your life a lot easier.

There's a surprise security bonus too. If you create your account via Facebook or Google, the account that gets created on this site is special. It has a random garbage password assigned. Nobody knows it. You can set it to something if you want, but there's no good reason why you should. So even if somebody gets their hands on the user file, the password they can recover is useless for anyplace but this site.

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2014/08/20 20:57 · clay